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OFB is expanding our Cooler! But to do so, there will be impacts to frozen food flow beginning April 15th, 2024 and lasting at least through May 31st, 2024. Read below for more details.

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March 29, 2024

3/25 - 3/29/2024 Produce Plan

Laura KushnerSeasonal Produce

Spring is starting to work its magic on the landscape across the PNW. Portland gardens are teeming with life, blooms and flowers. Farms near and far are busy planting and tending to millions of little baby seeds in trays to start in their greenhouses.

Certain crops like broccoli, hardy greens or green onions sometimes comes in a little limp. But there are some simple solutions for perking up these veggie friends and extending their shelf life once you bring them home. Read more to find out how!

Oregon Food Bank is currently offering a sparkling beverage product (product ref C-03840) which may not be appropriate for all sites. This is a sparkling beverage that is NON-ALCOHOLIC but is marketed and branded as an alcohol alternative. Please consider your clientele before ordering this product.

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If your site has to close unexpectedly (due to inclement weather or another urgent reason), please let Oregon Food Bank know ASAP by emailing: This email goes to our Operations Team, including Transportation and Inventory.


Monday, May 6 8AM → 2PM
The Institute will take place over three consecutive Mondays and two Wednesdays, from 8am-2pm PST, s…
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