Required Trainings

Staff & Volunteer Training Requirements

Staff and Volunteers at all Oregon Food Bank Partner Agencies and Programs are required to have annual training in food safety and client civil rights/confidentiality .


Staff and volunteers who have contact with clients must watch the Client Civil Rights & Confidentiality Video annually.*

*If your agency does not distribute USDA food and you have your own civil rights and confidentiality training program, please contact the OFB Compliance team or your Regional Food Bank for more information.


At least one person with a valid food safety certification, such as ServSafe for Food Banking or a food handler cardmust be present whenever food is being handled, picked up, transported, or distributed. 

ServSafe for Food Banking is specifically designed for staff and volunteers at food banks and pantries. The certificate is valid for three years. You can view the materials here.

Food Handler Cards are recommended (and sometimes required) for anyone working at an agency or program that prepares food on site. You can get an Oregon food handler card online or by contacting your county's health department. Food handler cards are typically valid for three years.

If you work or volunteer at an agency or program and you don't have a food safety certification, you must watch the Oregon Food Bank Food Safety Video annually, and record the date of viewing on the training log.

The Staff and Volunteer Training Log is an easy way to document your program's required training in one place.

If your agency or program is NOT in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Tillamook, Malheur, Harney, Wasco, Hood River, or Sherman county, please contact your Regional Food Bank for specific training & documentation requirements.

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