Monthly Service Statistics Reporting

Monthly Service Statistics Reporting

Active OFB Partner Agencies are required to submit service statistics reports every month even if no food was ordered from OFB in that timeframe. The only exception is for those agencies who are only open seasonally; no reports are required during the off season.

Reports are always due by the 10th of the month following services. To submit a report, either click here or click the green 'Order Here' button at the top of the screen. Once logged in, go to the Statistics tab to submit your report.

If your pantry or food program is temporarily closed for the month and there are no service statistics to report: Please either submit a blank report online noting the closure in the comments section, or email to let us know about the closure. Otherwise, you will receive an email about your missing report for that month.

You may find it useful to set recurring calendar events for the 10th of every month so you don't fall behind on reporting. OFB does not currently send reminder emails prior to the submission deadline, but we will follow up if your reports are late.

For help with any of the following, please contact the Reporting Coordinator at 

  • Agency login information
  • General reporting questions and troubleshooting
  • Help editing or deleting an incorrect or incomplete report
  • Scheduling a brief training session

You are always welcome to contact with questions or to receive support, but please do not send your reports here.

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