January 24, 2023
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Partners, we've received broccoli from a California vendor that may require sorting on your part. As some of you may be aware, California is currently going through a flooding crisis that is affecting nearly the entire state and thus its farms. The stems and crowns are bright green so we know that this is new, fresh product. However, because of the unfortunate weather produce is not holding up as well in transit. On average, 60% of the broccoli in each case is good though some cases have more or less. Below are pictures with what to look for when sorting out the bad broccoli. This batch of broccoli is light green so any dark green spots, like what's circled in red below, will need to be tossed. You can test for slime or squishy texture on the rest by putting on gloves and running a finger over the crowns. If you see a result similar to the last two pictures, it's best to throw out those crowns while keeping the others. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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