School Pantry Basics

Here you'll find documents for new school pantries and program operations info and signage

Orientation Toolkit

School Pantry Start-up Guide_Page_01

Resource Library

School Pantry Orientation Slides

Food Pantry Coordinator Job Description
School Pantry Contract
Space Considerations
School Pantry Orientation

Example Food Pantry Assistant Job Description_Page_1
5A- School Pantry - Partner Agency and Program Agreement Update Nov 2018_Page_01
School Building Specs
How To Enter Monthly Reports

Non-L2F Data Tracking Spreadsheet
Coordinator Checklist
Opening & Closing Task List
How to Enter Stats Online for L2F Schools_Page_1

SP Tracking Sheet 2018-19- No Attendance.xlsm - Workshops Classes Demos_Page_1
School Pantry Coordination Checklist
Opening and Closing Tasks

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