Link2Feed Paper Forms

Link2Feed Paper Forms

Even though we offer paper forms, we still recommend doing live intake as a best practice or working towards it as a goal. Live intake allows users to:

  • Fully utilize Link2Feed's tools such as notes, alerts, and mapping functions.
  • Gather more complete and accurate information.
  • Save money and time spent on printing, paper, and document disposal.
  • Connect more with clients and provide custom referrals. 

We also understand that sometimes live intake is not possible. For example, if the environment does not allow for a private interaction or if there is a language barrier. If this is your situation, a paper intake form may work well as an alternative. 

Our paper intake form is offered in 10 different languages and can be downloaded to print from the links below (listed alphabetically). Requests for all printed materials, client cards, and additional translated materials can be requested on the readiness survey during implementation planning and on an ongoing basis by emailing your county's Link2Feed lead support person.

*Note: All paper forms include a school attendance question for additional household members, this is only used at School Pantries. If that information is filled in at a non-school pantry location just skip over them when entering the information. 

Tips when using paper intake forms:

  • Print double-sided to save paper.
  • Read cover page to clients to introduce the program, provide instructions, and to offer help before handing out the form.
  • Make sure forms are checked for legibility and completeness when turned in when the client is still present. 
  • A client card can be given once the paper form is turned in with just the client's name written on it as proof that they have completed form. The client Link2Feed ID number can be added to the card on their next visit.
  • Use the English form to translate the other languages by comparing the number or letter indicated to the side or below each response.


If any paper forms are taken offsite for any reason their carrier is responsible for keeping the documents secure at all times. This means keeping them in a privacy envelope/folder when in transit, in a locked cabinet if storing, and shredding or disposing of in a secure manner once they are entered. Client confidentiality must be protected at all times. This includes not allowing anyone to view them who have not signed the confidentially agreements.

For technical support please contact us at: or call 503-505-7071

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