Thank you for you interest in using Link2Feed at your location. Read through the steps below to become familiar with our onboarding process. Then contact our support team by emailing us at the email provided at the bottom of the screen to get started. 

Step 1: Learn about Link2Feed:

Agencies that are interested in learning more about Link2Feed are invited to watch our Introduction to Link2Feed (L2F) Information presentation. During this presentation you will learn what Link2Feed is, what the benefits are for food banks/agencies/clients, see a demo of the software, and learn about the on-boarding process for our network partners. Click on the INTRODUCTION tab under the WELCOME dropdown menu at the top of the screen. 

Step 2: Complete a Registration and Readiness Survey 

If your agency decides to join in, the next step would be to fill out our online registration and readiness survey to be added to our list of agencies to receive training and to help us evaluate what types of support your agency might need for Link2Feed. Once we have reviewed your survey, our team will contact you directly to schedule trainings and will work with you to get everything in place before your start date. A link to the registration and readiness form can be requested by emailing Link2Feed@oregonfoodbank.org. Please include your name, your agencies name, and the county that you agency in located in. 

Step 3: Get Trained:

Our trainings are designed to give a general overview of the software's capabilities and to share the resources that have been created by our network. We ask each agency to assign one Link2Feed Administrator who will be the lead person who will complete the required trainings listed below and be the main contact with your county's lead. The two required training's are: 

    • Link2Feed (L2F) Basic Training: This training covers the basics for using Link2Feed at your agency. We walk through each step of the process including signing in, going through the intake process with clients, and recording a visit. We also cover ways to utilize the notes and messaging functions as well as how to practice before you get started and where to get support. If possible, we recommend coordinating with everyone who will need training at your location to attend and to request an "in-person" for a more hands-on learning experience. This training generally takes 2-3 hours depending on comfort and questions.
    • Link2Feed (L2F) Administrator Training: This training is designed for the Link2Feed Administrator and/or super users at each agency who will be maintaining the software at your location. We will cover how to review notes entered at your agency, how to manage duplicates, how to add new users, how to manage your agency's profile and settings, and the basics for running reports. This training generally take 1-2 hours depending on comfort and questions. 

Step 4: Sign the MOU Agreement:

The last step is to sign a Memorandum of Understanding agreement (MOU) to receive access the online program. ­­ See the resources below to view a copy of this document. Agencies will be sent this document to sign once they have completed the above steps.

MOU Preview

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