Metro Announcements Posts PortalsCooler Expansion Project and Frozen Food Flow<div><h1 id="isPasted"><strong><u><span style="font-size: 18px; color: rgb(41, 105, 176);">Project Summary:<img src="/.api2/binaries/lrNfQgT2YH/thumbnails/Keep%20Frozen.png?width=200" style="width: 200px; height: auto;" class="fr-fic fr-rounded fr-dii fr-fir" data-key="lrNfQgT2YH" data-contentlength="125705" data-contenttype="image/png" data-binarylocation="/.api2/binaries/lrNfQgT2YH/download/Keep Frozen.png" data-thumbnaillocation="/.api2/binaries/lrNfQgT2YH/thumbnails/Keep Frozen.png" data-name="Keep Frozen.png" data-isprofilephoto="false" data-ig-embed-key="lrNfQgT2YH"></span></u></strong></h1> <p>OFB is expanding our cooler capacity and size to improve our ability to receive and distribute fresh food. As many of you know, nutritious, fresh, locally grown food is abundant in the Pacific Northwest - yet many of our aging facilities were designed to support the storage and distribution of shelf-stable goods. Oregon Food Bank…</p></div>Laura KushnerWed, 27 Mar 2024 11:06:18 -0700 to the Equity Community of Practice<div><p dir="ltr" id="isPasted">Dear OFB Partner Agencies, <img src="/.api2/binaries/81u85uxjHv/thumbnails/female-hands-giving-red-heart-from-a-splash-of-watercolor-hand-drawn-sketch-illustration-of-paints-vector.jpg?height=215&amp;width=189" style="width: 187px; height: 214.659px;" class="fr-fic fr-dii fr-fir" data-key="81u85uxjHv" data-contentlength="70158" data-contenttype="image/jpeg" data-binarylocation="/.api2/binaries/81u85uxjHv/download/female-hands-giving-red-heart-from-a-splash-of-watercolor-hand-drawn-sketch-illustration-of-paints-vector.jpg" data-thumbnaillocation="/.api2/binaries/81u85uxjHv/thumbnails/female-hands-giving-red-heart-from-a-splash-of-watercolor-hand-drawn-sketch-illustration-of-paints-vector.jpg" data-name="female-hands-giving-red-heart-from-a-splash-of-watercolor-hand-drawn-sketch-illustration-of-paints-vector.jpg" data-isprofilephoto="false" data-ig-embed-key="81u85uxjHv"></p> <p dir="ltr">I am writing to share an opportunity from Oregon Food Bank to join our third offering of Equity Community of Practice! </p> <p dir="ltr">This program arose from a shared desire across the network for a space to learn, practice, and implement equity related strategies/tools. As one participant from our second cohort would put it...</p> <p dir="ltr">“Th…</p></div>Courtney WrightThu, 07 Mar 2024 06:59:38 -0800 Women's History Month: Centering Single Mothers in the Food Justice Movement<div><table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" role="presentation" id="isPasted"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="text-align: right;"> <h1 style="text-align: center;"><strong>Celebrating Women's History Month: Centering Single Mothers in the Food Justice Movement From EPCA   </strong></h1> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" role="presentation"> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p><img src="/.api2/binaries/rRrhavFdCo/thumbnails/Bobrow-SingleMoms.jpg?height=264&amp;width=213" style="width: 211px; height: 264.261px;" class="fr-fic fr-dii fr-fir" data-key="rRrhavFdCo" data-contentlength="168414" data-contenttype="image/jpeg" data-binarylocation="/.api2/binaries/rRrhavFdCo/download/Bobrow-SingleMoms.jpg" data-thumbnaillocation="/.api2/binaries/rRrhavFdCo/thumbnails/Bobrow-SingleMoms.jpg" data-name="Bobrow-SingleMoms.jpg" data-isprofilephoto="false" data-ig-embed-key="rRrhavFdCo">At Oregon Food Bank, we center and celebrate the lives of everyday women – particularly single mothers – whose love and labors are often undervalued or invisibilized completely.  </p><p>Far too often, single mothers are praised…</p></td></tr></tbody></table></div>Courtney WrightTue, 05 Mar 2024 15:34:32 -0800*Staffing Changes at OFB*<div><p id="isPasted">Dear Partner Agency Network Colleagues,</p><p><strong>I am writing to share important and delicate information about Oregon Food Bank. </strong><strong>This information is CONFIDENTIAL and for use by food assistance employees/volunteers only.</strong></p><p>Last week, Oregon Food Bank made changes to some of its personnel structures, reducing several full-time positions to maintain sustainable…</p></div>Courtney WrightThu, 08 Feb 2024 09:19:46 -0800 Network Virtual Conference!<div><p dir="ltr"><img src="/.api2/binaries/n6CxOI8qc6/thumbnails/IMG_9617.JPG?height=276&amp;width=370" style="width: 368px; height: 275.804px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib" data-key="n6CxOI8qc6" data-contentlength="2633051" data-contenttype="image/jpeg" data-binarylocation="/.api2/binaries/n6CxOI8qc6/download/IMG_9617.JPG" data-thumbnaillocation="/.api2/binaries/n6CxOI8qc6/thumbnails/IMG_9617.JPG" data-name="IMG_9617.JPG" data-isprofilephoto="false" data-ig-embed-key="n6CxOI8qc6"></p> <p dir="ltr"><br></p> <p dir="ltr" id="isPasted">We are excited to start off the new year with the OFB Network Virtual Conference taking place online Mon, Feb 5 to Tues, Feb 6 from 9am-4pm. </p> <p dir="ltr"><a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">Register to attend the conference.</a> </p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>About: </strong>The conference will feature a range of topics focused on our collective work to end hunger and its root causes, with topics spanning operations to client…</p></div>Kelsey HillWed, 17 Jan 2024 13:31:24 -0800 Equity Trainings!<div><p id="isPasted">As we close out this calendar year, two of our fantastic Equity &amp; Racial Justice teams would like to announce their Q3 (January - March 2024) training menu with the registration links. We hope you will find at least one training that peaks your interest, aligns with your passions, and builds upon a culture of co-learning with one another…</p></div>Courtney WrightThu, 14 Dec 2023 13:09:22 -0800 Hunger Power Night 12/12!<div><p dir="ltr" id="isPasted"><img src="/.api2/binaries/8ozix4IN0U/thumbnails/unnamed%20(3)%20(1).jpg?width=300" style="width: 300px; height: auto;" class="fr-fic fr-dii fr-fir" data-key="8ozix4IN0U" data-contentlength="8094" data-contenttype="image/jpeg" data-binarylocation="/.api2/binaries/8ozix4IN0U/download/unnamed (3) (1).jpg" data-thumbnaillocation="/.api2/binaries/8ozix4IN0U/thumbnails/unnamed (3) (1).jpg" data-name="unnamed (3) (1).jpg" data-isprofilephoto="false" data-ig-embed-key="8ozix4IN0U">As many of you know, <a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">Ending Hunger Power Nights (EHPN)</a> are back, and we are delighted to invite you all to organize against the root causes of hunger. Come learn about the latest in our work to break down the unfair systems leading to hunger and how we can act together toward our vision for a hunger-free Oregon.</p> <p dir="ltr">Join us via Zoom on Tuesday,…</p></div>Courtney WrightFri, 01 Dec 2023 07:24:38 -0800 Double Up Food Bucks Ambassador Applications Now Open!<div><p dir="ltr" id="isPasted"><strong>Double Up Food Bucks Ambassador Program - Now Recruiting for 2024!</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">The Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program at Oregon Food Bank is recruiting new members for the 2024 DUFB Ambassador Program. The focus of the program is to create a cohort of community leaders that provide direct outreach and education about the <a href="">Oregon Double Up Food Bucks Program</a>…</p></div>Kelsey HillMon, 13 Nov 2023 08:23:57 -0800 Session Wednesday November 15th<div><p>Join us for  our next Partner Listening Session at 2pm on Wednesday November 15th to discuss coordinated care organizations (CCO's), which are networks of all types of health care providers who work together in their local communities to serve people who receive health care coverage under the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid).</p><p>CCO’s focus on prevention…</p></div>Kelsey HillWed, 01 Nov 2023 10:57:38 -0700 (PWW) Reporting Frequently Asked Questions<div><p>Please refer to this <a href=""><strong>Reporting FAQ document</strong></a> with any questions or issues that arise with reporting, and reach out to your FANS or the specific contact listed for each reporting need. Each question has a bookmark icon on the left side of the page that you can click and copy the link to. Please visit the OFB Portals page for <a data-saferedirecturl="" href="" id="isPasted" target="_blank" class=" WikiLinkType1">monthly stats reporting</a>…</p></div>Kelsey HillThu, 26 Oct 2023 11:55:29 -0700